Seeing Through the “Darkness.”

As a person,who lives a life with parents and going to school, I never thought I would go blind until I found out at age 15 that I was. At age 14, I noticed there were small changes to my vision like running into things that weren’t there before and not being able to see in the dark, but then a year later I found out that I was going blind and not getting a driver’s license like most students at that age. I was upset like anyone would be when they found something like this that was going on with them but kept going with high school. I did get picked on for it but still went on as usual and graduated with the rest of my class. I did go through programs that dealt with the nsition program at the Lighthouse and the independent living program at Daytona Beach Blind Rehab Center. I learned a lot about being blind that I never knew, especially when I lost my right eye to my condition, Retinitis Pigmentosa, at age 23. Now, I am at University of Central Florida and want to show that even though you’re blind it doesn’t mean you have to give up.


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